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This is a short adventure of a boy who is shipwrecked. He wakes up alone in a desert island and searching for his father he will get himself lost in a spooky cave.

Install instructions

Just download it and double click on the parrot icon ;)


Castaway.zip 271 MB


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:) your most welcome!!! I love trying out new games and was drawn to yours for the graphics. The small hills and plains hint was very interesting for me as I've never heard that saying before but that's the beauty of exploring new games. Even though the English wasn't perfect, the idea is there and it only needs a couple of small tweaks.  You did a great job, I really look forward to keeping up with your updates and new developments. 

Thanks for your lovely feedback, I really appreciate it <3

I loved the graphics and sound effects in this game, my only negative feedback is to do with the introduction and use of English language. It doesn't flow as it should and there are several spelling errors. The ending was quite abrupt too and being able to interact with objects (and the parrot) would be a nice touch. Overall though it's a great game and credit to you. I've made a video to share on my channel :)

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Wow! We did not expect that someone would make a video of our game. We are really amazed and grateful for it! It was really fun to watch it.

We will get hands on about the english errors! Thanks for telling us about them, English it's not our native language and some errors could've happened.

We had some things in mind to add and correct in the next update, it's really nice to have some external feedback telling you what they would like to see in your game and how. Added on our list to do the interaction and the ending!

Thanks a lot! It's really nice to see that you enjoyed the graphics and sound effects, that was our main focus in this little project.

Here i the big i found in  the game developer unable to pick up object such as sword, wooden plank, lack of instruction about what you need to do in order to control mechanic of the game!! I hope you add feature of mechanic of controlling your character and well as giving direction what I need to do!! What controller you need to use mouse and keyboard or controller such as ps4 or xbox!! I hope feed back help to improve your game my dude

Hello SamEyeNinja! Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate every feedback possible, as this is our first project as students.

About picking up objects like the sword or the wooden planks, we didn't really thought about it as a mechanic, but it could really be a nice implement for the next version we do, something nice could emerge from it!

In the file we added a PDF explaining the controls, but it's true that it would be more intuitive to have it in game. We annotate it as a must task! And we annotate too to add more directions of what to do in game!

Thank you very much, as I said we really appreciate it and we hope you enjoyed our little project, we made it with much love!


No problem anytime developer love to help